Chamberlain-Hunt provides an environment for boys that interrupts their usual way of acting: haircuts and uniforms change their appearance, schedules change their routines, and accountability changes their behavior. The cadre and the curriculum change what the students would otherwise put into their brains. Chamberlain-Hunt is not a monastery or a prison; but we are a place marked by devotion and discipline. Devotion to God and discipline in deportment. This is our tradition.

Undeniably, students give up some “normal” teenage activities to come to Chamberlain-Hunt. What they get in return—rigorous academics, small class sizes, opportunities to excel, safety, close friendships—is worth sacrificing the dates and dances they miss. But then, the purpose of high school is not having a full social calendar; its purpose is preparing students for college and adulthood. Through our structured boarding program, students get a reprieve from the usual high school scene and have space to develop academically, physically and spiritually.