Students at Chamberlain-Hunt witll voluntarily participate in one of two programs, the Boy Scouts or the celebrated, 93-year-old CHA Corps of Cadets. If you are seeking an educational alternative that incorporates respect for authority, character development and social maturity, Chamberlain-Hunt may be the best place for your son.

Chamberlain-Hunt’s character development programs employ a system of points and demerits, physical challenges and physical labor to provide the structure, accountability and routein that helps young men develop self-discipline. The values and character obtained in these programs promotes a culture personal excellence and of service to others. Graduates of the Academy have confidence, humility and strong leadership skills.

Being in the voluntary Corps of Cadets does not mean that all or even most Cadets are interested in pursuing a military career. The military model offers more structure and discipline that what is found in many schools and homes, making it an ideal choice for many bright, driven young men, as well as those who are struggling. Our Cadets are typically natural leaders who have lacked the motivation, supervision or training necessary to instill self-discipline.

To learn more about our military-style program, visit the Cadet Life section of our website.