Excellence in Writing

Writing skill is crucial. Chamberlain-Hunt is focused on giving students necessary writing skills. On September 2nd and 3rd, Andrew Pudewa, founder of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, led a two-day training for the entire faculty. Excellence in Writing (EiW) is a writing program particularly beneficial to boys as it gets them over the “fear of blank page.” It is designed to teach structure and style in composition.

This program will be used for writing across the curriculum, and will be the standard by which all writing is taught and measured. EiW begins by teaching the skill of note making and outlining using keywords from each sentence. Then we teach students step-by-step how to summarize from notes, narrative stories and reference material.

By teaching students to re-write existing stories and write from pictures, students are given the confidence to write their own original material. The program concludes with modules on writing formal essays and critiques.