Do you worry that your son is not reaching his full potential? The mission of Chamberlain-Hunt Academy is to help young men achieve success by removing the distractions of the normal teenage experience. We take boys from all types of socioeconomic backgrounds and geographical areas and help them become young men of substance and high achievement.

Difficult Situations
Chamberlain-Hunt has years of experience dealing successfully with boys diagnosed with conditions like ADHD, ODD and RAD. We treat each student with the understanding needed to deal with his personal situation, yet we don’t treat his condition as an excuse to fail. Our small class sizes give teachers the opportunity to interact personally with each young man and ensure that they grasp the material being covered.

Some students come to us because of unsettling situations in their home lives. These can include death of a parent, divorce, blended families, or unstable neighborhoods. Whatever the situation, these young men often respond by acting out or withdrawing socially, and usually lose focus at school. The structure provided by Chamberlain-Hunt gives our students stability and provides incentive and recognition for academic, social, and spiritual growth which most of our students come to appreciate deeply.